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Serpentico Discusses His Role In Sammy Guevara Return [Exclusive]

Sammy Guevara

Sammy Guevara’s return to AEW television shocked the world when the Inner Circle man made his comeback under the guise of Serpentico back in July!

Of course, “Serpentico” would remove his mask to unveil his true identity – but the Snakeman has now opened up exclusively to Inside The Ropes, revealing his role in Sammy Guevara’s return and told us how it all came about.

“I actually found out the night before but, even then, wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I received a text near midnight asking if I had extra gear with me that Sammy could wear the next day. I always bring backup gear just in case and it turns out this was a perfect reason to.

“AEW is pretty cool ’cause they didn’t just message me and tell me to do it. They asked me if I was okay with Sammy using the gear and that kind of respect goes far with me. I think it worked out great and it made for a fantastic TV moment.”

Guevara, of course, takes on Matt Hardy at AEW Full Gear. Hardy has also recently donned a Serpentico mask. But is there a chance we may see the real Serpentico remove his mask in AEW? He joked, “Nope. Never. Nunca. Never going to happen. Zero chance. Zilch. Zero percent. No.”

Serpentico also revealed the story behind the mask and how he would adopt the character of Snakeman.

“I love the design due to my entire face being covered and since that’s what we use to invoke emotion in wrestling, its forced me to use my body and mannerisms to sell said emotions. It’s truly helped my character evolve and has made me think outside the box.”

Thanks to Serpentico for taking the time, and to All Elite Wrestling. You can read the full interview here.

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