Second AEW Star Out Of Action Due To Injuries Sustained In Blood And Guts

AEW Dynamite: Blood and Guts

Another AEW star has revealed the list of injuries that they sustained at Blood and Guts.

On June 29, AEW held the second edition of Blood & Guts with the Jericho Appreciation Society taking on the Blackpool Combat Club in the eponymous match. During the match, Santana suffered an ACL injury mere seconds after entering the match, taking him out of commission for the rest of the encounter.

On August 6, Matt Menard revealed on Jofo in the RIng’s YouTube channel that he was forced to miss an IWS event as a result of injuries suffered at Blood & Guts. Menard confirmed he tore his shoulder, labrum and rotator cuff, but surgery wouldn’t be needed.

“Very early on in that match, I kind of get dumped on my head by Santana. It wasn’t pretty, I ended up actually tearing parts of my shoulder, my labrum, my rotator cuff.”

“I’m basically a hero. The good news is, guys, it doesn’t look like it’s going to require surgery. We’re rehabbing it, injecting some stem cells into the shoulder. The bad news, however, is I’ll not be able to participate in the event tomorrow night for the IWS,”

“Angelo Parker will be there, however. I apologize to the people who bought tickets to see me. Hopefully get to make it up to you in the near future. IWS, however, has secured an AEW talent to take my place. So everything will be alright, guys. Enjoy the show.” (h/t Wrestling Inc)

Menard hasn’t wrestled since Blood & Guts and has only made minor on-screen appearances. JAS tag team partner Angelo Parker has remained on TV and even wrestled a rare singles match on Dark.