Sean Waltman Wouldn’t Want To Return To WWE Full-Time

Sean Waltman

With all four of his core DX partners now in backstage WWE and AEW roles, Sean Waltman has revealed his stance on such jobs.

These days, it’s not too uncommon for wrestlers to work their way into behind-the-scenes roles in the company they plied their trade in. Traditionally serving as producers and coaches, some have worked their way to the top of the machine, serving in key executive positions.

For Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman, that simply isn’t the desired lifestyle. The WWE Hall of Famer instead sits back while watching a litany of his former colleagues guiding the next generation of wrestling megastars.

Speaking during a Q&A portion of AdFreeShows’ X-Pac Live, Sean Waltman stated how he can’t see himself going to TV every week to deal with the immense pressure:

“I like to just come in once in a while, like we’re gonna be doing on October 10th at the Barclay’s Center, little appearances like that. I go and do the Comic-Con and other appearances…It’s very stress-free how my life is right now.

Sometimes it [backstage in WWE] can get very combative. I just assume to stay slightly removed from all that. I don’t think they really need me to be honest with myself. Not that I don’t have anything to offer…I wouldn’t mind doing something that wouldn’t require a huge commitment.”

Sean Waltman is next due to appear for WWE as part of D-Generation X’s 25th anniversary celebration, which is due for Monday, 10 October from the Barclays Center. He’ll be joining Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Road Dogg in the festivities, with Billy Gunn’s AEW contract prohibiting him from making an appearance.

All four of his DX comrades are affiliated with WWE and AEW in behind-the-scenes roles. Triple H is WWE’s Chief Content Officer, with Shawn Michaels serving as Senior Vice President, Talent Development Creative and Road Dogg as Senior Vice President, Live Events. Billy Gunn, meanwhile, coaches the next generation of AEW stars.

H/T to Wrestling Inc.