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Sean Waltman Thanks CM Punk & Darby Allin For All Out Tribute

CM Punk Darby Allin

Sean Waltman has thanked CM Punk and Darby Allin following the two AEW stars paying tribute to Waltman and Bret Hart at their historic match at All Out.

For the first time in over seven years, it was undoubtedly clobbering time as CM Punk completed his return to wrestling at All Out when he faced the former TNT Champion Darby Allin. The match had the crowd in the NOW Arena out of their seats as Allin’s high-risk offence threatened to derail the fairytale ending for Punk in his hometown. Ultimately, a Go 2 Sleep sealed Allin’s fate as Punk picked up the long-awaited win.

Those with an eye for detail spotted something at the beginning of the bout between Punk and Allin that looked awfully familiar, however. The two men locked up with the smaller Allin getting the upper hand on Punk and throwing him across the ring. Punk raised his eyebrows as he sat up as if he hadn’t expected that.

The scene including the eyebrow raise was eerily reminiscent of the much-vaunted match between Sean Waltman as the 1-2-3 Kid and Bret Hart that took place on RAW in 1994. The opening of that match also saw the smaller Waltman get the advantage on Hart by utilising an arm drag out of a lockup.

Sean Waltman has since taken to social media to give his thoughts on the tribute paid to his match by Punk and Allin:

“I’m honored to have taken part in something that still has influence 1/4 of a century later.”

The match between Hart and Waltman on RAW was the only one-on-one match between the two men during their WWE Hall Of Fame careers. Taking place on an episode of RAW in July 1994 it is considered one of the earliest classic matches in the long and storied history of WWE’s flagship show.