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Sean Waltman Says WWE Are Making A Show On Post-9/11 SmackDown

Post 9_11 SmackDown

Two-time WWE Hall Of Famer Sean Waltman has revealed that WWE is producing a documentary on the post 9/11 episode of SmackDown.

Tuesday, the 11th of September 2001 is a day tinged with tragedy after the attacks in the United States that saw four aeroplanes hijacked with two hitting the World Trade Centers in New York, one hitting the Pentagon in Washington D.C., and another crashing in a field in Pennsylvania.

The attacks reverberated around the world as the grim scenes unfolded on live television. Air travel in the US stopped immediately as shock took over following the unprecedented attacks.

WWE was scheduled to produce SmackDown on September 13th in Houston, Texas and the company decided that the show should go on. Just two days after the attacks that shook the country, over twelve thousand people packed into the Compaq Center in Houston in a show of solidarity and defiance that the American way of life would not be deterred. The event was the first of its size in the US since the attacks and the company paid tribute to those lost and those that helped save lives throughout their broadcast.

On that surreal night, Sean Waltman [competing as X-Pac] teamed with Albert to face The APA. On a night for the company’s heroes to get the victories, the team of Bradshaw and Faarooq picked up the win in this match.

Now Waltman has revealed that he has filmed footage for a WWE documentary covering the show in Houston. On the latest edition of his Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast, Waltman discussed his recent appearance on WWE’s The Bump, when he mentioned the documentary.

Waltman said:

“It was so nice. It was a really good experience. They had me sign some WWE Topps cards. This set of cards, they were gold-plated. They told me the set cost $15,000. I sat down for some talking head stuff. They’re doing a documentary on the SmackDown after 9/11. I have vivid memories of all that. We were the first ones to do anything after that happened.”

Sean Waltman was then asked if he had any fear on that night, with such a large gathering occurring so soon after the initial attacks.

Waltman responded:

“No. Obviously, I was traumatized like the rest of the nation. But as far as being scared for anything locally, no. I don’t like to get on planes too much anymore, but they made it worth it for me.”

The episode of Waltman’s podcast also included appearances from wrestling raconteur RJ City and Inside The Ropes’ own Kenny McIntosh.

Credit: Pro Wrestling 4 Life

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription