Sean Waltman Reveals The “Most Important Moment” Of His Career

Sean Waltman with the nWo

Sean Waltman has revealed the “most important moment” of his career.

Speaking with Inside The RopesKenny McIntosh, Sean Waltman reflected on his long career, and two of the big standout moments in particular.

After being defeated by Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania XIV, D-Generation X figurehead Shawn Michaels was gone from WWE. With their leader absent, DX needed some new blood, and on the Monday Night RAW after WrestleMania, that new blood arrived. Introduced by Triple H as a member of the infamous ‘Kilq,’ Waltman took shots at WCW, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff to a thunderous ovation.

Reflecting on what was his first WWE appearance in two years, Waltman recalled feeling nervous. However, he singled out beating Razor Ramon on RAW five years earlier as the most important in his career.

“You know, I was a little nervous, I was a little nervous because, you know, I talked about this, I’ve been fairly candid about my fear of talking in public. You know, like I got over it. It was a little like and, you know, it was a big moment. It was one of the most important moments of my career. You know, like for me, the most important moment of my career was the 1-2-3 Kid beating Razor Ramon thing. Yeah, that was the but this is top three, you know, coming back. And because, you know, I had to say I’ve talked about this. Vince told me before I went out and he went there expecting something big from you. I’m going to give it to him. And it wasn’t, hey, you should say this. You say that. It was whatever you want to say, just go out there and get it off your chest. And, you know, it was a little rough around the edges, but it was one hundred percent, man. One hundred and ten actually percent authentic. And, you know a lot a lot behind it. And, you know, it worked.”

Known simply as The Kid, Waltman had only debuted on WWE TV two weeks prior to upsetting Ramon. With Razor already a household name and Waltman a relative unknown, the win is still cited as one of the biggest upsets in WWE history.

Though in the infancy of his career Waltman was featured heavily alongside Ramon and the likes of Ted DiBiase. However, the young Superstar would shockingly leave WWE for WCW in September 1996 joining the nWo. An eventual falling out with WCW President Eric Bischoff later paved the way for his spectacular WWE return.

Elsewhere in the interview, Waltman also expressed his desire to continue his career. The WWE Hall of Famer revealed that he doesn’t know when or where, but he will be back in the ring.

“As far as getting back in the ring, you know, I’m going to have a few more matches. I don’t know if it’s going to be there[NXT] I don’t know where it’s going to be. Maybe I’ll promote them myself. Yeah. You know, but yeah. No, NXT I just I’m I’m one of their biggest fans. Aside from, you know, everything else.”

Thank you to Sean Waltman for taking the time out to talk to us, and Pro Wrestling 4 Life for facilitating the interview. You can find the latest episode here.