Sean Waltman Remembers His Time With Brodie Lee

X Pac

Sean Waltman has shared his thoughts on the late Brodie Lee. The former X-Pac shared his memories of getting to know Lee before his untimely passing on The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast:

“I knew him a bit. I knew him from being on independent shows because before he came to work for WWE, he made a hell of a name for himself. I was a big Brodie Lee fan. He had a trucker gimmick. I don’t know what it was. He wore trucker hats. Anyways, he was Brodie, and f**k, I was a big fan of his man. So I got to know him a little bit as a human being. So I can only echo what everyone else is saying about him. I hate to say this. I almost got numb to all the people dying, but then you see a picture of Brodie with his kids, it just breaks my f**king heart man.”

In the days following Lee’s death, there was an incredible outpouring of grief from within the wrestling community. AEW remembered ‘The Exalted One’ with a special tribute episode which showcased Lee’s Dark Order in every match. The night culminated in Tony Khan presenting Lee’s son, Brodie Jr., with the TNT Championship and declaring Brodie Lee “TNT Champion for life.”

Both Brodie Lee and Sean Waltman are former Tag Team Champions in the WWE. The pair are also best known for their roles in prominent wrestling factions, DX and the NWO among the groups Waltman has been a part of. Brodie Lee, then known as Luke Harper, was a member of the Wyatt Family before his jump to AEW where he led the Dark Order.

Two time WWE Hall of Fame inductee Waltman is due to undergo surgery on his knee soon.

Credit to Wrestle Inc.