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Sean Waltman On The Match He Hated Most In His Career

Sean Waltman Razor Ramon

Whether known as The 1-2-3 Kid, X-Pac, or Syxx, Sean Waltman is known for being a solid worker in a wrestling ring, now looking back over his career he has named what he says was the worst match he ever had.

Waltman competed in the World Wrestling Federation as several versions of The Kid in the early days of Raw in 1993. Upon picking up a monumental shock win over Razor Ramon [Scott Hall], he was rechristened as The 1-2-3 Kid who went on to form a bond and a team with Ramon over the next few years.

However, as was the risk at the time and as they are finding out these days on NXT, everybody does indeed have a price for the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase and he soon found The Kid’s price. With Kid turning his back on Razor to join the Million Dollar Corporation, he soon found himself having to do battle with his real-life partner in The Kliq.

This led to one infamous match at In Your House 6 in February 1996 where the loser would be dressed up like a baby. Not surprisingly, the match does not rank highly for Waltman among his best.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Sean Waltman explained:

“I hated the crybaby match with Scott. That’s an example of me being in the doghouse. Usually, when someone leaves the company, they put someone over on the way out. Scott is leaving the company, he still beats me and they put a diaper and a bottle on me.”

Just a few short weeks later, Scott Hall was suspended by the WWF before he left the company and headed south to WCW. Waltman was just a few months behind Hall in making the trip to WCW as he debuted for the company in September of 1996.

Credit: Chris Van Vliet

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