Sean Waltman Names Two “Important” WCW Stars He Believes Don’t Get The Recognition They Deserve

Sean Waltman WCW

Speaking to Inside The Ropes’ Kenny McIntosh, two-time WWE Hall of Fame inductee Sean Waltman revealed two names he believes do not get the recognition they deserve for their work in WCW.

Kenny McIntosh recently sat down with the former 123-Kid to discuss a range of topics from his stories career including his run in DX, his work in the WWE NXT performance centre and what the future holds for his in-ring career. Whilst discussing Waltman’s run as part of the infamous nWo, Waltman would respond to a question regarding how it feels to continually be recognised and adored by modern wrestling fans for something he did over 25-years-ago.

Responding to the question from Inside The Ropes, Waltman would state:

I mean, yeah, it’s not weird, it’s very cool, it’s a wonderful thing, I mean, it’s just. I mean, it’s nostalgia and it’s a huge part of people’s, you know, childhood memories, you know, so or even now, even childhood, you know, I mean, it’s just it’s it was a really cool thing to be a part of.

Continuing, Waltman would use the opportunity to discuss the names of two performers who he believes were also crucial to WCW and the wrestling industry during the time he was making waves with the NWO and the one name in particular that stands out to him as not being recognized enough.

The four-time WWF Tag Team champion continued:

Look, man, since we’re talking about that, there are a lot of guys that deserve to be up there with me, you know, guys like Scott Norton and, you know, say what you like the Bagwell’s and, you know, a lot of guys that really were important, you know, and they didn’t get recognized up there. And, you know, on stage and especially like the one that comes to mind for me is Scott Norton.

Scott Norton is best known to wrestling fans for his runs in both WCW and NJPW during the ’90s, during which time he would see success as a two-time IWGP Heavyweight champion and nWo faction member.

Norton and Bagwell would team within the nWo as Vicious and Delicious, teaming up to take on the legendary Steiner Brothers and World Tag Team Championships on multiple occasions however they were unable to ever capture the gold as a duo.

Norton would capture the IWGP Heavyweight Championship for the first time in 1998 defeating recent AEW debutant Yuji Nagata to become one of ten foreigners to ever hold the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, putting himself in the history books alongside names such as Big Van Vader, Salman Hashimikov, Bob Sapp, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, AJ Styles, Kenny Omega, Jay White and Will Ospreay.

The 59-year-old would last compete in-ring in November of 2019 competing in WrestleCade’s 2019 Top Rope Belts All-Star Battle Royal alongside such names as Gillberg, The Blue Meanie and nWo Sting.

During the same interview, Waltman would discuss which WWE NXT star he knew “was going to be huge” during his time coaching and what’s next for his in-ring career.

Thank you to Sean Waltman for taking the time out to talk to us, and Pro Wrestling 4 Life for facilitating the interview. You can find the latest episode here.