Sean Waltman Reveals He’s Medically Cleared For In-Ring Return

Sean Waltman

WWE Hall Of Famer Sean Waltman says he is medically cleared for a return to the ring after last competing in a WWE ring in 2002.

Waltman made his name originally as The Kid in the World Wrestling Federation during the rise of the New Generation in the early nineties. As The Kid, he memorably upset Razor Ramon on an early episode of Raw, thereby earning the name of The 1-2-3 Kid.

The 1-2-3 Kid went on to capture the WWF Tag Team Championship twice with partners Marty Jannetty and Bob Holly before selling out to Ted DiBiase and joining the Million Dollar Corporation.

As The 1-2-3 Kid, Waltman had his final WWF match in May 1996 before joining his Kliq compadres Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in WCW in September of the same year. As Syxx, Waltman became the sixth member of the nWo and it was as part of the group that Waltman was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame for the second time in 2021.

Sean Waltman returned to the WWF the night after WrestleMania 14 in 1998 when he joined up with Triple H, Chyna, and the New Age Outlaws in the revamped DX, this time known as X-Pac. During this four-year run with the company, Waltman captured the WWF European Championship as well as winning tag team gold twice more as part of a memorable team with Kane.

Waltman last competed in a wrestling ring of any sort in 2019 and earlier in 2021 underwent knee surgery. Appearing on WWE’s The Bump, however, Waltman revealed his surgeon has cleared him should the 49-year-old get the call to return to action:

“It’s going great. My surgeon gave me the go-ahead. I just got the green light to get back in the ring. I’m just gonna get into better and better shape. I’ll be ring-ready beginning of next year, in case my phone rings.”

As every wrestling fan knows, the beginning of any new year heralds the arrival of the Royal Rumble, and with the possibility of surprise entrants in the Rumble matches themselves, fans might see one more match for Sean Waltman sooner than later.

h/t Fightful