Sean Waltman Pokes Fun At Dax Harwood’s DX Comments Following WWE Raw

Sean Waltman DX D-Generation X Triple H Shawn Michaels Road Dogg Kurt Angle

After taking part in the D-Generation X reunion on WWE Raw’s 30th anniversary celebration, Sean Waltman took a jab at previous comments made about the group by Dax Harwood.

On the January 23rd episode of WWE Raw, D-Generation X made their way to the ring as part of celebrating the red brand’s 30th anniversary as it debuted in January of 1993. In addition to Waltman, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Road Dogg were all in attendance, while Billy Gunn was absent due to being signed to All Elite Wrestling.

Kurt Angle was also in attendance during the segment, and though he was never part of DX during his WWE career, he gleefully took part in the group’s signature chants and catchphrases.

The members of DX were confronted by Imperium members GUNTHER, Ludwig Kaiser, and Giovanni Vinci. GUNTHER declared that they were there to stop the shenanigans, and the DX members joked that they were too old to do anything about this.

However, The Street Profits soon appeared, and Seth Rollins also came out to even the numbers. After former General Manager Teddy Long made an appearance to make the tag team match official, D-Generation X pondered about the match being even more spectacular if there were to be a special guest referee.

Angle, who had previously revealed himself to be wearing a DX shirt, revealed yet another shirt underneath: a red, white, and blue striped referee shirt, perfect for the occasion. In the end, The Street Profits and Rollins were victorious, and celebrated with Angle after the bout.

Sean Waltman Responded To Dax Harwood’s Comments About Raw 25

DX reunions are nothing new on Raw, and on the show’s 25th anniversary in 2018, they participated in a segment where they beat up the members of The Revival, who are now known as FTR in AEW.

Harwood has been vocal in the past about frustrations with the segment, both because he and tag team partner Cash Wheeler were being beaten up by stars who weren’t on television every week and also about feeling disrespected by Shawn Michaels at the time.

Taking to social media following Raw is XXX, Sean Waltman poked fun at criticism that D-Generation X doesn’t put over younger talent, saying:

“The only thing that sucked was not being able to hit our finishes on the guys who have to draw money after we’re gone.”

Waltman has been very vocal in the past about not wanting the group’s appearances to be at the expense of younger talent.