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Sean Waltman – “You Can’t Have 60+ Year Old Guys In Charge Of NXT 2.0”

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Sean Waltman, formerly known as X-Pac has hit out at the creative process behind NXT 2.0, questioning the wisdom of having “Sixty plus-year-old guys” in charge of the show.

NXT 2.0 launched on September 14th in a quest shake up the existing show and return it to it’s roots as a developmental brand. The show received a new logo, theme song and a whole host of new Superstars have appeared in the ring.

It was also noted that Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard would be in charge of producing the revamped show.

However, since the relaunch, the show has been given a mixed reception by fans as it bids to try and attract a younger audience. Despite this push, the show recently drew an audience with a median age of 62.

Speaking on the most recent episode of his Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast, Sean Waltman was outspoken in his criticism of the creative team behind the show. The former WWE Superstar who has worked at the WWE Performance Center, questioned the wisdom of having sixty plus year-old guys producing the show.

“Who’s in charge of the creative direction of of NXT? You can’t have 60+ year-old people in charge of the creative direction of a show that’s geared towards young people.

Maybe oversee it but you got to let young, fresh blood make those decisions.”

“We got to be self aware enough to know that we don’t – and I’m including me too as a 50-year-old man – we don’t f**king know what they (young people) want.

We might think we do or we might think we know what’s best for them, but we don’t f**king know. We need to f**king listen to people that do.”

Sean Waltman also didn’t hold back in assessing some of the action on the show. Reflecting on a recent segment featuring Joe Gacy, the former European Champion described it as “Some of the worst sh*t I’ve ever seen on a wrestling TV show.”

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.