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SEAdLINNNG’s Top Title Vacated; ASUKA/Rina Set To Challenge

Joshi promotion SEAdLINNNG have today announced that Beyond the Sea Single Champion Yoshiko has vacated the title.

Company founder Nanae Takahashi confirmed the news in a press conference held in relation to the forthcoming Grow Together show, which is set to feature a one-day tag team tournament.

With the title now having fallen into abeyance, two contenders were immediately installed and will contest the vacant title on the same card.

Rina Yamashita, who recently headlined Ice Ribbon’s RE:BORN event, will face ASUKA, who competed as part of the AEW Women’s Eliminator tournament under their US moniker of Veny.

Regarding Yoshiko, Takahashi relayed comments from the grappler which confirmed that the worsening of old injuries had led her to seek medical advice.

Based on the opinion of her doctors, Yoshiko will likely be absent for three months, as she takes the necessary steps to heal.

She did however confirm her intention to return to SEAdLINNNG and regain her belt.

Yoshiko was recently seen in action at Stardom’s All Star Dream Cinderella show, where she narrowly lost out to company ace Mayu Iwatani, in an epic inter-promotional battle.