Scrapped Plans For Wheeler Yuta In Best Friends Uncovered

Wheeler Yuta

Wheeler Yuta, Blackpool Combat Club’s first official student, was originally set for a very different angle with the Best Friends crew.

The ROH Pure Champion popped up in Orange Cassidy’s lighthearted faction back in 2021. Functioning predominantly as a pinfall eater, Wheeler Yuta had some curious moments on screen with Trent Beretta, who was depicted as having little respect for him. This recurring theme between the two was picked up on by commentary and left many viewers wondering where the faction’s dynamic was headed.

Ultimately, however, Yuta was moved over to the burgeoning Blackpool Combat Club faction with little follow-up on his on-screen heat with Beretta.

In a recent interview on the Battleground podcast, Beretta revealed the original, longterm plans for Wheeler Yuta’s time with the Best Friends:

“Honestly, it’s better for him. The way he got put in Best Friends was super weird and a hard situation for him to be in as a wrestler. Like, ‘Who is this new guy who is suddenly best friends with these guys I knew?’ The whole reason I was being upset with it is that we were planning on doing our own angle where we would eventually have a match and he would win my respect. I was like, ‘He needs something for people to grab on to.’ That’s why we did that, then it ended up working out a completely different way where I was mean to him for no reason and then he left.”

The concept of Wheeler Yuta having to earn respect the hard way in the ring did still come to fruition. Instead of against Beretta, however, the angle came against former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley. In a bloody and ferocious bout on the April 8 edition of Rampage, a claret-faced Yuta proved himself to Moxley, Willian Regal and Bryan Danielson, joining their group in the process.

Overall, the switch to the BCC has proven fruitful for Wheeler Yuta who now holds a singles title, boasts a more serious, credible character and even competed in this year’s Best of the Super Juniors tournament in NJPW. Whether or not the Beretta angle is revisited in the near future remains to be seen.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.