Scott Steiner Photographed With Former WCW Rival

Scott Steiner

Former WCW World Champion Scott Steiner was recently photographed with a group of ex-WCW stars including one he once had a real fight with.

Steiner made his name as a tag team star with his brother Rick, capturing the WCW, WWE, and IWGP Tag Team Championships together during their legendary careers.

In 1998 the team split when Scott Steiner followed in the footsteps of many WCW stars at the time and joined the bloated New World Order. It was at this time that he began debuting his Big Poppa Pump persona that he is still most associated with today.

Steiner captured the WCW World Championship on one occasion and remained with the company until it closed its doors in March 2001.

Steiner’s former colleague Mick Foley recently took to social media to share a photo of a plethora of former WCW legends including himself, Steiner, Lex Luger, Ted DiBiase, Ron Simmons, Rick Steiner, and interestingly, DDP.

DDP and Scott Steiner famously got into a real-life fight back during their time together in WCW, something which DDP once commented on in an interview:

“When he got to the bottom of the stairs, I said, “I’m a pu**y huh? Fu*k you!” And he said, “Fu*k you.” And I swear, when he put his head into me, when we landed, we were at least 25 feet from the point of impact. When we landed, I had him in a guillotine. I got him in a front face lock.”

“When we landed, I was so blown away that I had him, it was like a surreal moment. And I’m punching him with my left hand, letting go of the hold like an idiot. It’s hurting my hand, hitting his head.”

h/t Sportskeeda