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Scott Hall – “Shawn Michaels Was A Heat-Seeking Missile”

Shawn Michaels Scott Hall

Scott Hall has discussed his time as part of the notorious backstage group The Kliq and says close friend Shawn Michaels was a magnet for unwanted attention.

Hall, along with Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Sean Waltman were a band of brothers backstage and were not averse to using their numbers advantage to politic for what they wanted. Understandably this could leave some other WWE stars less than thrilled.

Speaking on Eric Bischoff’s 83 Weeks podcast, Scott Hall discussed travelling the highways and byways with Shawn Michaels and latterly Sean Waltman and having to act as their protector on the roads. Hall added that when Nash joined the then-World Wrestling Federation he could then start to have his own idea of fun on the road.

Hall explained:

“A lot of my career in WWE I travelled with Shawn Michaels, who at that time was a heat-seeking missile. I stayed with him and then Kid [Waltman] came along and so when we would travel I had to keep an eye on those guys because they were the heat-seeking missiles and I was gonna be the enforcer if need be. Once big Kev came along it’s like ‘Woohoo!’ Give me a handful of pills and I’m off to the races. He’s watching everybody’s back.”

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash left the WWF to join WCW in the spring of 1996. On their way out of the company, the two men were at the centre of more controversy when they joined Triple H and Shawn Michaels in the ring at Madison Square Garden for a moment that became known as the Curtain Call.

In his appearance on the podcast, Hall went on to describe how he felt Michaels threw Triple H “under a bus” during the fallout from that event.

Credit: 83 Weeks

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