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Scott Hall Recalls What He Learned From Vince McMahon

Scott Hall & Hulk Hogan

Ahead of being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the legendary nWo, Scott Hall has revealed what he learned from working with Vince McMahon in the early part of his career.

Scott Hall started his wrestling career back in 1984 with the NWA, and enjoyed short stints in promotions all over the world over the course of the next several years. However, it wasn’t until Hall signed with the, then WWF in 1992 that he enjoyed his big breakthrough.

Appearing as Razor Ramon, a persona based roughly around the Tony Montana character from the movie Scarface, Hall began his rise up the card. The Maryland native went on to enjoy four Intercontinental Championship reigns, memorably defeating Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania X in a history making ladder match.

Upon leaving the WWF in 1997, Hall immediately appeared on WCW Nitro. This was at the height of the Monday Night Wars, thus his move sent shockwaves through the industry. Hall would go on to form the legendary group the nWo with Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan shortly after.

While Hall is due to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the nWo, it was his pre-nWo career which established him as a star.

In a new interview with Yaz Jung, Hall recalled what he learned from Vince McMahon in that early part of his career.

“Vince always told guys to use their face, that’s where the money is … You have to keep an eye on the camera, so in my entrance, I’d usually go and look right to the hard-camera side.” Hall said. “You could see in the nWo days — I’d just look right at the camera and go, ‘I’m the s***!’”

Hall went on to tell a funny story about how he renamed his ‘Fallaway Slam’ the ‘sack-of-sh*t’ after a match in Puerto Rico.

“There was another move, the Fallaway Slam, that some people started calling ‘Hall-away Slam,” Hall stated. “But I actually called it ‘the sack-of-s***’ cause I was working with [WWE Hall-of-Famer] Carlos Colon at the time in Puerto Rico.

“I told him ‘duck the clothesline, then crossbody,’ I caught him and just thinking of cool moves to do, just — boom — I threw him back over my head. We got back to the locker room and he told me, ‘Amigo! What the hell? You threw me like a sack-of-s***!’ So that’s how I named it, but it’s great to see the young guys still using it.”

Another of Hall’s moves which has been carried on by the current generation is his Razor’s Edge. Damian Priest who has adopted the move, recently described how nervous he was to perform the move in front of Hall.

The nWo will be inducted into the Hall of Fame as part of the delayed Class of 2020. Joining the nWo in that class are the Bella Twins, The British Bulldog, JBL, Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger, and William Shatner. Host of WrestleMania Titus O’Neil is the recipient of the Warrior Award.

While the ceremony is yet to air, it has already taken place, with Sean Waltman noting that there no ‘inductors’ with only host Jerry Lawler present on stage as host.

The WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony airs on Tuesday 6th of April on Peacock in the US and elsewhere on the WWE Network.