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Scott Hall Meet And Greet Ended After Health Concerns

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For many, Scott Hall was one of the men that defined their childhoods. Whether it was oozing machismo as Razor Ramon or causing havoc and bucking authority as a member of the NWO, for many he’s the greatest wrestler never to be WWF Champion.

It’s no secret that Scott Hall’s life and career had been blighted with demons in the form of narcotics and alcohol, vices he managed to shun with the aid of former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Diamond Dallas Page.

Sadly, it appears those demons have resurfaced once again.

Last night, Hall undertook a virtual meet and greet for Dark Parlor Originals but the interactive event had to be cut short by the organisers due to worries over the former WWF Intercontinental Champion’s health.

According to reports from the recipient of the meet and greet, ‘The Bad Guy’ was intoxicated and the event organisers had to pull the plug so he could be looked after. A fan who viewed the meet and greet commented:

“He was being difficult. They got a late start, Mike [the organiser] was trying to get through everyone’s orders in a timely manner, but Hall kept having issues with every inscription or request, and had issues with how rushed he felt. Influenced by meds or other substances. He was trying, but he wasn’t in a mental state to push through so quickly with so many items in a four-hour period while being streamed live.”

A video announcement from the organiser said:

“First and foremost, we’re gonna take care of Scott. We’re gonna take care of Scott. We’re gonna make sure he has what he needs. He’s had some issues going on recently. It’s not my business to talk about. We’re not here to make him look bad, we’re not here to look bad. We just trying to get your stuff signed.”

If the reports are accurate and Scott Hall has fallen off of the wagon after so long being sober, then it’s heartbreaking that the legend has fallen back into old habits.

Scott Hall was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014 and was due to undergo a second induction as part of the NWO this year before the COVID-19 pandemic halted the ceremony which was also going to include the long awaited induction of Davey Boy Smith ‘The British Bulldog’.

In recent years, Hall has coached regularly at the WWE Capitol Wrestling Center – formerly the WWE Performance Center – and even mentored his son into the business.

Inside the Ropes wishes Scott Hall a speedy recovery.