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Scarlett Bordeaux Admits She’s Jealous Of The Women In NXT 2.0

Scarlett Bordeaux

Scarlett Bordeaux has revealed that she’s a “little bit envious” of the female Superstars in NXT 2.0.

In September 2021 NXT 2.0 was born, as WWE’s third show shifted away from it’s traditional black and gold roots. The revamped show was given a new logo, new theme music and became a totally different presentation from what fans had come to expect.

Only two months prior, Karrion Kross (Killer Kross) and his manager Scarlett had stood atop NXT, with Kross enjoying his second reign with the NXT Championship. However, the brand that Kross and Scarlett dominated couldn’t have been more different to what came later.

Speaking during a recent interview with Renee Paquette on her Oral Sessions podcast, Scarlett Bordeaux admitted that she is jealous of NXT’s current female performers. The former IMPACT Wrestling star explained that the female Superstars are now allowed to be a “little bit more sexy” where she was often told to tone down her outfits and presentation.

“The one thing I’m a little bit envious of is the girls now are allowed to be a little bit more sexy. That’s the new thing with NXT 2.0. I had to scale it back. Even with clothes that would be really low cut and they’d look at me before going out and be like, ‘you need a little mesh there.’ ‘Okay, let me go fix that.’ I’d put on some mesh and pull down the shorts a little. Now, I don’t think they have that rule anymore, so I’m a little jealous of that.

It’s fun to dress sexy and look sexy when no one is telling you to do it. If someone is trying to force you and telling you to take your clothes off, I would be like, ‘Hell no,’ but when it’s me choosing my outfits and doing that stuff, it’s super fun and cool for me,”

By the time that Kross arrived on the main roster in July he was flying solo, mysteriously without Scarlett who had been by his side since he made his NXT debut. Despite being gone from television without explanation, she did wrestle a dark match against Shotzi, seemingly in preparation for a switch to the women’s division.

Elsewhere in her conversation with Paquette, Bordeaux confirmed that she was meant to transition into being a wrestler rather than a manager. However, all plans were put on hold due to a “busted” breast implant. Furthermore, she was advised that she probably shouldn’t talk about why she wasn’t medically cleared to compete.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.