Saya Kamitani Issues Challenge For The Red Belt In Wrestle Kingdom Aftermath

Following their show opening bouts at Wrestle Kingdom 15 night 2, the Stardom competitors each provided backstage interviews, as is commonplace with New Japan.

Whilst many of the competitors spoke of their pride in performing at the Tokyo Dome and representing Stardom on such a grand stage, one wrestler took the opportunity to stake her claim for a future title shot.

Saya Kamitani of the Queen’s Quest stable, wasted little time in stating her desire to challenge stablemate Utami Hayashishita for the World of Stardom Championship.

The title, otherwise known as ‘The Red Belt’, is seen as Stardom’s top prize and was only recently claimed by Utami who dethroned company ace Mayu Iwatani following an incredible 377 day reign.

Saya was full of confidence, having scored the decisive pinfall earlier in the evening and securing victory for Queen’s Quest against the Donna del Mundo stable.

Having used Kota Ibushi’s Phoenix Splash, a move she had been perfecting in recent weeks, to do so, Saya also spoke of her admiration for Ibushi and pride at having hit the move within the Dome.

Utami, somewhat incredulous in her response, noted that whilst she already had a title defence scheduled, she would consider accepting her AphroditE tag team partner’s challenge.

The 2020 5*Star Grand Prix winner also commented on her desire to wrestle again at the Tokyo Dome in the future, perhaps under a Stardom banner.