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Savio Vega To Run For Office In 2024

Savio Vega Thumb

WWE legend, Savio Vega, has announced his intentions to run for the position of Mayor of his home town Vega Alta in Puerto Rico in 2024.

Appearing on The Wrestling Inc. Daily Podcast, Vega discussed his political aspirations and how his background prior to professional wrestling has readied him for such a task:

“Well, I was born in Puerto Rico in the town of Vega Alta. That’s my hometown Vega Alta, and today, at 12:30 Eastern Time, I told myself to run as mayor of Vega Alta for 2024. It’s something that came up to the top of my head a long time ago. This past election, my boss, who was the mayor, he lost. So I see myself in 2024 sitting down in that chair and taking care of my people in Vega Alta.”

As it turns out, Vega has previous experience in such a role and served as special security for the former Mayor watching closely the ins and outs of the job he’s set his eyes on:

“When I started working in the house, the big house there, they put me as special security in the front. So the first face that people coming through the door would see was me. What I did was before they got to the mayor, [I helped them] before [they met him]. He has a lot of work. You have a lot of weight on your shoulders to take care of. This is just a town. Imagine Puerto Rico. Imagine a whole nation, and I see a lot of people with necessities, people that I saw when I was a kid, now, they’re older, so they need some help.

Before I tell you or anybody what’s I’m going to do, we still have four years. Everything’s going to change. Everything changes by the second. So for me to tell you, ‘I’m gonna do this. I’m gonna do that.’ That would be crazy. So I have to wait until the time passes to see what happens. In 2024, Savio Vega, not Savio Vega, Juan Rivera, my real name not my wrestling name, will be the mayor of Vega Alta.”

The interview moved on to more political debates about Puerto Rico becoming an official American state and Savio Vega’s opposition who he likened to those he steps into the ring with. If you would like to listen to the rest of the interview then you can find it here.

Savio Vega was recently confirmed to appear at WWE Survivor Series on November 22 as part of The Undertaker’s Final Farewell. A member of the famous Bone Street Krew, Vega will be accompanied by Rikishi, The Godwinns, Charles ‘Papa Shango’ Wright and Kane.

Credit for the interview and transcription: Wrestling Inc.