Savio Vega Rushed To Hospital

Savio Vega

Former WWE Superstar Savio Vega is currently in hospital after he was rushed there following an emergency on the 20th of August.

IWA Puerto Rico, the company that the 58-year-old has long been associated with took to social media to confirm that Savio Vega had been taken to hospital where he is currently undergoing a range of tests.

“Yesterday, Saturday, Savio Vega had to be transferred to a hospital in an emergency. He is still undergoing treatment.

He needs to rest in order to recuperate as soon as possible.

He has his phone at hand to communicate only with his relatives. We’re requesting space. Thanks.

In an update for our fans, El Boricua Mayor Savio Vega is still in the hospital and undergoing a series of treatments. We wish him a speedy recovery.”

Savio Vega is best known to WWE fans for his run in the company between 1994 and 1995. Vega’s WWE career began as the masked Kwang before he reappeared as Savio Vega in 1995 to help Razor Ramon thwart an attack.

Vega found some success in the company, reaching the final of the 1995 King of the Ring tournament, only to be defeated by Mabel in the last bout. The Puerto Rican legend was the first rival of Stone Cold Steve Austin – then known as The Ringmaster – when he joined the company.

Austin and Vega competed in a Caribbean Strap Match at In Your House: Beware of Dog which Vega won. That win meant Austin’s manager at the time, Ted DiBiase, had to leave WWE and Austin’s career then began to really take off.

Savio Vega went on to join Faarooq and Crush in the Nation of Domination before leading his own Los Boricuas faction in the company prior to leaving WWE in 1999. Vega appeared at the retirement ceremony of The Undertaker at Survivor Series 2020 representing the backstage BSK group both men were part of.

Everyone at Inside The Ropes sends their best wishes to Savio Vega for a speedy recovery.