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Savio Vega Recalls His Feud With Stone Cold Steve Austin

Savio Vega Stone Cold Steve Austin

Savio Vega has discussed his feud in the mid-nineties with Stone Cold Steve Austin that led to a WrestleMania bout and even a Caribbean Strap Match.

A legend in Puerto Rico, Savio Vega joined WWE in 1994 portraying the mysterious Kwang. In May 1995, Vega appeared for the first time and reached the final of that year’s King Of The Ring tournament. In March 1996, Vega squared off with the man known as The Ringmaster, Steve Austin. Their first bout on Raw ended in a double count-out and this led to a months-long feud between the pair.

Speaking to Dominic DeAngelo of Wrestlezone, Savio Vega discussed the feud with Austin and how it came to be.

Vega explained:

“When the great Pat Patterson, God love him, when the great Pat Patterson come to me in San Antonio, TX, we’re doing RAW. and I saw the paper. You arrive and you see who you’re working tonight and I see ‘Savio Vega and Steve Austin.’ I say, ‘Who the hell is Steve Austin?’”

“So then here comes Pat with Steve, he say, ‘Savio!’ I say, ‘Yes?’ I was lacing my boots. He said, ‘This is Steve, he’s gonna do his try-out tonight. Put it together, let me know, you go over with the spinning kick.” I say, ‘Okay, that’s it.’ So this is what I say to Steve. I say, ‘Brother, I don’t know you, you don’t know me, this is the way I do this,’ He say, ‘Okay.’ I said, ‘Let’s call it in the ring.’ He said, ‘Alright.’ When he said that, I said, ‘Right, I’m cool.’ I know what I’m gonna bring, I don’t what he’s gonna bring. I just want to take care of myself, I don’t want to get hurt.”

Vega then revealed his feelings after the match, noting that everyone was happy with their efforts:

“My friend, when we finished that match, we got the people up and we went to the back, I wait for him, shake his hand and say, ‘Brother, what a f*cking match.’ And he’s like ‘Oh, it was good?’ I said, ‘Brother…’ Pat comes to me and say, ‘Savio! Tell me!’ I say ‘Did you see it?’ He said, ‘Yeah, you tell me!’ I’m like, ‘I think it was great!’ He’s like, ‘It was great! It feel? How it feel?’ I said, ‘Easy.’ He says, ‘Okay, tomorrow you guys working again.’ I said, ‘Alright.’ So we work again and now I’m happy because I know the tools that he brings and man, then from that point on we got married for almost a year. Working every night, they give us PPVs, they give us the [Caribbean] strap, they give us WrestleMania.”

Vega then elaborated on why thinks he and Austin had such great chemistry in the ring:

“So I say why we have such great chemistry? It was easy. He worked for Texas, he worked for Atlanta, he worked for Florida, he worked all that area, and guys that come down from that area work here in Puerto Rico and many of them worked with me. So by that time we just have one book of rules: was ‘take it easy, get out of the ring in one piece and make the crowd happy.’ So that’s what we did. We did the basic stuff.”

Savio Vega then told a story of a match on a WWE live event he had with Austin. The pair went so long, that some WWE Superstars in the back weren’t too thrilled with having to wait for their ring time. Including the legendary Undertaker, who had other things on his mind.

Savio Vega commented:

“One time, we were in this town and we worked for 25 minutes. Steve and me. We forget about everybody, we are bumping! We are so happy of what we just did and he come back and we went to the dressing room. I remember, Yokozuna was there, the BSK guys were there and Taker, Taker just look at me and say, ‘Motherf*cker…we have to go [next] and you guys want to take the ring!’ I just went like this: ‘I’m sorry, man.’ He’s like, ‘What the fuck! There’s a bar waiting for us.’”

Credit: Dominic DeAngelo of Wrestlezone