Savio Vega Bringing Back Legendary Caribbean Strap Match

Veteran Puerto Rican grappler Savio Vega will soon be revisiting what was perhaps the most memorable moment of his WWF career – the Caribbean Strap Match.

On the January 27th edition of MLW Fusion, Vega will face off against the man currently in possession of the Caribbean Championship, Richard Holliday, in a match he made famous decades earlier.

In an empassioned message released via social media, Vega issued the challenge to longtime adversary Holliday, even promising to wield the very same leather strap used in his 1996 Caribbean Strap Match against Steve Austin.

The bout with Austin is considered by many to have been a key step on The Rattlesnake’s route to superstardom.

Vega, whom won the contest at the now infamous In Your House: Beware of Dog show, was well thought of by Austin, as detailed in an episode of his podcast:

I started working a program with Savio Vega, one of my favorite guys to work with and coming off my torn tricep. Of course, Savio is a machine from Puerto Rico, all the Puerto Rican guys can go and they gonna get their shit in. So man I tell you what I get a little bit of heat on him and then it’s time for him to make his comeback and I basically lay in a rear chin lock cause I was sucking wind, cause I was out of shape. That son of a bitch would bounce me all over the damn ring, I had to flip, flop and fly for him, my damn lungs about turned inside out, on fire. But Savio was gonna get his shit in. And boy I tell you what after about two months working with him, we ripped the damned roof off CTAC Arena right there in between Seattle and Tacoma. And man they were some badass matches I’ll never forget working with that cat.

Back in MLW, Richard Holliday, whom never officially won the regional title, later accepted the challenge, making the match official for Fusion.

In addition to working with Major League Wrestling, Vega is noted as a co-owner of the IWA Puerto Rico promotion, with whom MLW are affiliated.

With thanks to The Signature Spot for the transcript.