Sasha Banks Shares Emotional Message Amidst WWE Return Rumours – “Be Forgiving”

Sasha Banks

The longer that Sasha Banks and Naomi were away from WWE after walking out of the May 16th Monday Night Raw taping it appeared that the more likely it was that they would never be back. The pair were removed from the opening signature, their merchandise pulled from WWE’s online store and they were never referenced on television. While it was also reported that Banks was attempting to free herself from her WWE contract.

However, with the retirement of Vince McMahon appeared to come with fresh opportunity. New Women’s Tag Team Champions were crowned for the first time since Sasha Banks and Naomi left, and it was believed that the pair were more open to a return with Triple H at the helm. Despite this, neither woman is yet to set foot in a WWE ring, and Vince McMahon left his position as Chairman back in July.

Sasha Banks Asks To Be Patient, Gentle And Forgiving.

While some are becoming jaded by the constant rumours, things have switched up a gear in recent weeks. Banks has been pictured training on more than one occasion, and the star herself has teased that something big is on the horizon.

Furthermore, a new post from The Boss will do little to dampen the speculation. In a new post on Instagram, a video shows clips of the star during her time away from WWE. The accompanying audio delivers an emotional message.

“Be patient, be gentle, be forgiving, when it comes to the matters of the heart. I know that this life could seem crazy cause it seems like the more you put it together, the more it kinda falls apart. But, don’t panic. Because without losing who you thought you were, who you are meant to be could never be found. So just focus on understanding yourself, healing yourself, and loving yourself, because your relationship with you is one of the only ones that you would forever be bound,”

Sasha Banks hasn’t wrestled since appearing at a WWE live event on May 15th in Roanoke, Virginia.

H/t to Sportskeeda