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Sasha Banks Looks Back On Her Iconic NXT TakeOver Bout With Bayley

Sasha Banks Bayley

Sasha Banks may have title aspirations in her future at SummerSlam but she has discussed her past and just what her iconic match with Bayley at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn means to her.

Sasha Banks and Bayley are arguably the two biggest success stories to have emerged from NXT as they are both Grand Slam winners having held every title available to them in WWE. While their relationship on-screen has been tumultuous, going from friends to enemies more than once, their collective star perhaps never shone brighter than on one magical night in Brooklyn in 2015.

At the inaugural NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn held in August 2015 Sasha Banks and Bayley undoubtedly stole the show as they put on a clinic in the ring that saw Bayley capture the NXT Women’s Championship.

Speaking to Brandon F. Walker on Rasslin’, Sasha Banks has discussed that match and why it still holds a special place in her heart.

Banks explained:

“I’ve had a ton [of matches] but that definitely has to be in one of my top five matches of all time because of what I wanted to leave on the table at that time. I wanted fans to be like ‘That was the greatest women’s match of all time.’ I wanted people to talk about it because I was being called up to the main roster, I was on the main roster for like two months and I just wanted to show not only WWE but the women that we can do it just like the men. No matter what, no limits to it. It’s crazy still to this day, for that match, that’s the number one match where fans come up to me and say ‘Thank you, that got me into wrestling,’ ‘Thank you now my mom wants to watch it,’ ‘Thank you now my daughter wants to be a wrestler,’ just ‘Thank you!’ I’m like ‘What?!’ I can make people feel that way from something that I love and just from my work and the passion that I put into it. It’s so cool.”

Sasha Banks then named another match with Bayley that she ranks as highly as their TakeOver epic. According to Banks when the two women met in Hell In A Cell, it allowed Banks to exorcise some demons from a previous Cell bout that didn’t go as well for The Legit Boss.

Banks continued:

“It’s definitely one of my top five but if I have to say in recent memory that Hell In A Cell with Bayley was definitely one of my favourite matches just because what a brutal match. I was so nervous going in just because the year before that match destroyed me. Me and Bayley’s chemistry is like no other, she’s just someone I trust so much in that ring that we don’t even need to talk and we definitely don’t need to talk on something so dangerous like that kind of match. I know that she has me no matter what, whatever type of match we have in that ring together.”

Sasha Banks will meet Bianca Belair in a rerun of their WrestleMania 37 main event at SummerSlam where Banks will attempt to become a two-time WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion.

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