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Sasha Banks Declares Herself “The Greatest” And “The EST Of WWE”

Sasha Banks

After it was confirmed that Sasha Banks will face SmackDown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair at SummerSlam, the Legit Boss has continued to ratchet up the pressure on the champion.

On the August 6th episode of the blue brand, Sasha Banks opened the show to address Belair. The Boss said that she had returned to reclaim her spotlight, adding that Belair would be nothing without her.

This brought the champion to the ring who refused to be intimidated by her latest challenger. Belair said that it was Banks who had begged her for the match at WrestleMania. After Zelina Vega arrived on the scene, the champion challenged Vega to a match on SmackDown, before saying she’d see Banks at SummerSlam.

During Belair’s match with Vega, Banks attempted to distract her rival, appearing at ringside part way through the bout. However, Belair kept her focus, picking up the win with the KOD.

Appearing on Talking Smack, Banks held nothing back when discussing her long-time rival. The former SmackDown Women’s Champion said that Belair had cheated at WrestleMania, adding that she was coming to reclaim her championship.

“What does it mean? I mean, I finally get my rematch. I finally get my revenge on Bianca Belair. You know, for months I was sitting at home healing that wound that she did to me after she cheated with that braid. I would never drop that low if I was the champion. No, no, no, no. I brought people up. Just like I brought Bianca up. Just like I helped her get an ESPY. Just like I helped her get all these accolades that she wants to claim that she’s the biggest star now. She’s the EST of WWE? Well, I’m the Legit Boss and I’m coming back for my SmackDown Women’s Championship.”

Banks continued, calling herself the greatest before closing by saying that at SummerSlam victory will be hers.

I mean, wouldn’t you say thank you after everything I’ve done? I don’t get no respect around here,”

“I’m The Boss, I’m the standard, I’m the leader, and I’m the conversation, and she needs to realize that. Come SummerSlam, Bianca will not be the EST of WWE no more. Because I’m the greatest, I’m the best. So I guess that makes me the EST of the WWE now. Bye, Bu. I’ll see you at SummerSlam. Victory is mine.”

Sasha Banks returned to WWE on July 30th after being absent since WrestleMania 37. In the main event of night one of the event, Banks was defeated by Belair, losing her prized SmackDown Women’s Championship in the process.

It was also announced on SmackDown that Edge and Seth Rollins will meet at SummerSlam in single’s action for the first time ever.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.