Sasha Banks – “Being A Four Horsewoman Really Signified Change”

Becky Lynch Bayley Charlotte Flair Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks has discussed what it means to her being branded as one of the acclaimed ‘Four Horsewomen’ of professional wrestling.

Speaking to WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin on The Broken Skull Sessions on the WWE Network, Banks discussed the moniker that was given to herself, Becky Lynch, Bayley, and Charlotte Flair during their time in NXT.

Banks explained:

“To me [being branded as one of the Four Horsewomen] it really signified change. It was a big change in the WWE, with respect to what they [women] normally got represented as. We have incredible women and women that can kick ass. But it wasn’t the same representation that the men got.”

The SmackDown Women’s Champion went on to discuss how it was a slow process for the women to get the same featured time as their male counterparts:

“Down at NXT, we were starting to get little sprinkles of what the guys got. The main roster wasn’t getting that for women, they were still getting one-minute matches, two-minute matches. It was just like in NXT finally women were getting eight-minute matches, ten-minute matches. Finally, women were booked on a pay-per-view. What took so fricking long?”

Banks also discussed the bond that was built between the women of WWE in the midst of the women’s revolution in the company:

“That’s where the bond came in, we want to represent something. We want to change the game, we want to change the definition of what it was to be a Diva in the WWE and now we’re not divas. We’re superstars. I used to get a lot of flak for it back in the day because I don’t know if I used to say it right but I never loved the butterfly title – would you be wearing that? Would Roman Reigns wear it? Would John Cena? Don’t treat us any different. If the divas weren’t there I wouldn’t be here. They laid the foundation and we’re just gonna keep on building it higher and higher.”

Sasha Banks also discussed her relationship with former tag team partner Bayley, and how strong their friendship is.

Credit: The Broken Skull Sessions