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Sarray (Sareee) “Warrior Of The Sun” Heading To NXT

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On the March 17th episode of NXT it was announced that Sarray, formerly known as Sareee will be heading to the black and gold brand.

Sareee had initially announced that she was joining NXT back in February of 2020, though she was unable to officially join the company due to the travel restrictions that were imposed around the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 24 year-old Tokyo born star had revealed in January 2021 that she was finally due to join WWE, but the trail then went quiet.

In February 2021, WWE announced the signing of the largest Performance Center class ever, however, Sareee’s name wasn’t included. The list of new signings included Taya Valkyrie, Zoey Stark and Priscilla Kelly amongst others.

Although, all soon became clear on the latest episode of NXT, with the arrival of Sarray announced to the world.

Since the announcement, Sarray herself has posted on social media saying that she is coming straight for the gold.

“Hello WWE Universe, My name is Sarray. Nice to meet you. I’m here to bring you, number one Joshi Strong Style wrestling from Japan. I’ll aim straight for the gold and make WWE women’s division bigger! WWE here I come! SARRAY ICHIBAN”

Wrestling as Sareee, NXT’s most recent signing has previously appeared for World Woman Pro Wrestling Diana, SEAdLINNNG, and Sendai Girls Pro Wrestling.

The Japanese star is a former two-time World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana World Champion, former Sendai Girls World Champion, and JWP Junior Champion.