Saraya’s In-Ring Status To Be Addressed At Some Point

Saraya AEW

The in-ring status of AEW newcomer Saraya will be addressed says company President Tony Khan but he urges fans to tune in to find out more.

Former WWE Superstar Paige stunned the wrestling world when she debuted as Saraya at AEW Dynamite Grand Slam in New York City. The following week she brought out many stars of the AEW women’s division during a promo that she admitted she was “a little rusty” for.

Saraya hasn’t competed in a wrestling ring since suffering a serious neck injury during a WWE live event in late 2017. Her WWE career then consisted of roles as both a manager for other WWE stars as well as a stint as SmackDown General Manager before her contract with the company expired in July 2022.

Speaking to Connor Casey of ComicBook, Tony Khan confirmed that he will be addressing Saraya’s in-ring status soon:

“I will, at some point, for sure address that and I think we’ll find out more about what Saraya is going to do in AEW, but that’s not really something I could answer here. But I think keep watching Dynamite tonight, Rampage on Fridays and you’re going to find out more about what Saraya is going to do in AEW.”

Khan also praised the English star’s presence in the company after only a couple of weeks:

“It’s been tremendous. She’s awesome. She’s a huge star and she’s got a great mind for wrestling and she’s already had some really cool ideas and she also has such a great presence and her star power is going to be a real positive for us this year and going forward in future years.”

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