Saraya’s AEW Faction Finally Given A Name

Ruby Soho, Saraya, Toni Storm - AEW Revolution

Saraya’s AEW career has seen a lot of change in a short period. She was brought in as this big underdog babyface who hadn’t wrestled in five years and had some doubts about her ability to perform in the ring.

But after putting those doubts to rest, she didn’t have a storyline ready for her. So instead of capitalizing on her big win as a babyface, the former Paige turned heel and decided to pick on AEW’s homegrown women.

Over the past several weeks, Saraya has made the claim that she and fellow ex-WWE wrestlers Toni Storm and Ruby Soho were better than the best women AEW had to offer. And after spray-painting a big ‘L’ on Riho after Riho suffered a post-match beat-down, it appears that this trio of women finally has a name.

Based on a report by WrestlingInc, this trio will collectively be known as The Outcasts.

Rubi Soho joined Saraya’s stable after weeks of teasing and uncertainty

Saraya has played a villain on AEW programming since January when she and Storm attacked Willow Nightingale and then targeted other homegrown women’s wrestlers.

Throughout these beat-downs, Soho remained either undecided or out of the picture until the last minute. It wasn’t until this past Sunday at AEW Revolution that Soho finally picked a side and aligned herself with Saraya and Storm.

Earlier this week, Soho cut a promo on Dynamite in which she trashed the fans and blamed them for her making this decision.

The Outcasts’ next scheduled appearance will be on the March 15th edition of Dynamite which emanates from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.