Saraya Invovled In Online Dispute With Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach

Saraya AEW

First Vince McMahon, and now former Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Rach – is anyone safe from the vocal wrath of Saraya?

Saraya has called out Sebastian Rach, the former vocalist of Skid Row and the current lead vocalist of Falling In Reverse, for cancelling the band’s planned gig at WIIL Rock Fest, citing missing laptops.

‘The Anti-Diva’ posted to her Instagram story calling out Bach for cancelling a performance over what appears to be an inadequate reason. Bach soon replied, slamming Saraya as a “fake athlete”:

“The fake athlete thinks that I have fake hair Sorry to disappoint the wrestler time to go practice being fake and defending fake.”

The former Paige has had a busy few weeks since signing for All Elite Wrestling. Though fans were generally excited to see her when she debuted at Grand Slam Dynamite, reception towards her soured within her first official week in the company, as comments made on the 28 September Dynamite didn’t go to plan.

Fans took issue with her slamming WWE and, in particular, ex-Chairman Vince McMahon. The comments resulted in Internet trolls targeting here and Saraya subsequently clapping back, accusing fans of stalking her social media profiles looking for issues to bring up.