“I Was So Disappointed” – Saraya Explains Heat With Sebastian Bach


Saraya recently addressed her beef with Sebastian Bach, and she wasn’t shy about it.

Just days away from her All Elite Wrestling (AEW) in-ring debut at their Full Gear pay-per-view, Saraya took part in an interview with television personality Chris Van Vliet to promote her bout with Britt Baker (D.M.D.). During the interview, she talked about a multitude of topics, including about her injury, being cleared to wrestle, and she would also get into her heat with Sebastian Bach.

Saraya Thinks Sebastian Bach Is “An As*hole”

Last month shortly after her AEW debut, Saraya — known as Paige in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) — got sucked into an online feud with musician Sebastian Bach, this after siding with her boyfriend after the two went back-and-forth prior on social media. Now, speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Saraya has addressed the heat, labelling Bach as “an as*hole.”

“He’s an as*hole, I was so disappointed. So this is the story right? My boyfriend was about to go and do this festival and then his laptops got stolen. He didn’t know where they were. But the laptops are so important because they have the lighting, it has the rap beats, it has the synths, it has everything right? It doesn’t have his vocals and stuff on there.

He’s naturally so gifted with his vocals, but these laptops went missing and he doesn’t like to put on half assed shows, right? So he was like, I’d rather cancel than put on a show that’s 50%. So Sebastian Bach saw that and said that he’s not a real rock star and all that kind of stuff and you shouldn’t have to use laptops. It’s just like, I don’t know if you listened to my music, but I rap in my music too, as well as sing so like the band can’t just do these like rap beats like, you know, you can’t just do that using your instruments and f*cking beatboxing.

You need laptops, there’s laptops for that and for the lights and stuff like that. Then Sebastian Bach tried to say that he never canceled shows, which he has. But he also said that he doesn’t use laptops, which he does. Like, there’s literally videos of him with the laptop. I don’t know what he’s talking about. But he just decided to say that when he’s not a real rock star. We didn’t realize how much Sebastian Bach was f*cking hated. This guy is a menace. He got into an argument with Chris Jericho at one point, like he is a menace.”

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