Saraya Claims Former WWE Star Never Got The Credit They Deserved

Saraya AEW

Saraya has heaped praise on a former WWE rival.

The British star made her WWE main roster debut during a strange time for women’s wrestling in the company. WWE was slowly edging away from the ‘Divas Era’ but the ‘Women’s Revolution’ had yet to truly kick into gear. The star, known as Paige in WWE is often credited with helping this shift with her strong in-ring style and ‘Anti-Diva’ persona.

During this period of her career, the star shared the ring with Alicia Fox on numerous occasions. Fox signed with WWE in 2006, making her debut on the main roster two years later, before going on to also bridge the gap between the different WWE eras.

Speaking in a new interview with Josh Martinez of Superstar Crossover, Saraya said that this was something that worked against the star. The leader of The Outsiders explained that because Fox is seen as a ‘Diva’ she has never been given credit for how good she was in the ring.

“So I actually posted this recently, but like, I feel like Alicia Fox didn’t get her flowers for the longest time. Because if you look back at her stuff, it’s everything looks aggressive, but she’s safe. All her matches were good. You have to watch them back. Because every time I wrestled her, I felt really, really safe. So I felt like she was very underrated. Also, she was in the Divas era. So if people didn’t give her the chance, and just thought, ‘No, she’s a diva, she could possibly be a good wrestler,’ but no, she was a great wrestler,”

Saraya Makes Surprising AEW Admission

Saraya made her AEW debut at Dynamite Gland Slam on September 21st, 2022 when she made a shock appearance to help Toni Storm.

Seven days later, the former WWE star cut her first in-ring promo for a number of years and wasted little time stamping her authority on the AEW women’s division.

During the promo, she made reference to finally having a boss that listens to her, a clear shot at WWE. In a recent interview, Saraya revealed that she was asked to use the line in the promo, something she now regrets.

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