Santos Escobar Shares Heart-Warming Moment With Young Fan

Santos Escobar Shares Heart-Warming Moment With Young Fan

Santos Escobar, a rising star on the SmackDown brand, recently created a heart-warming memory for a young member of the WWE Universe.

Escobar, known for his affiliation with the LWO led by Rey Mysterio, showed his compassionate side by connecting with a young fan on a personal level during a meet-and-greet event in Mexico City.

A young fan was overcome with emotion upon meeting his favourite WWE Superstars. Witnessing the fan’s tears of joy, Escobar went above and beyond to make the experience unforgettable. A video shows Escobar escorting the young fan over the barricade and sitting him down on the apron of the ring, where Escobar, Charlotte Flair, and Cody Rhodes were seated.

In this touching moment, Escobar not only provided comfort to the overwhelmed fan but also shared his own journey as a wrestler. He explained to the child why he chose this path, inspiring and engaging with the young fan in a truly special way. Escobar had this to say to the child:

I hope you are enjoying yourself! One of the many reasons why I became a wrestler was because of my dad (El Fantasma). He introduced me to the business and how to be a better person, and I feel like their (Charlotte Flair & Cody Rhodes) reasons to be in the business would be very similar to mine. I hope you are very happy and that you enjoy your evening, okay?

What Is Santos Escobar Doing Next In WWE?

Looking ahead, Santos Escobar is set to face one of his own heroes, Rey Mysterio, in a highly anticipated match on the July 28th episode of SmackDown. The bout will determine who will challenge Austin Theory for the prestigious United States Championship.

Prior to Escobar’s SmackDown debut, he wrestled for NXT, debuting under his former name El Hijo del Fantasma where Escobar captured the NXT Cruiserweight Championship before changing his ring name to Santos Escobar.

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