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Santino Marella Reveals Advice He Gave His Daughter Before WWE Signing

Santino Marella

Santino Marella revealed the advice he gave to his daughter Bianca Carelli when he learned that she had signed with WWE.

Former Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella confirmed earlier this month that his daughter had signed with the WWE and would be reporting to the Performance Center soon. Speaking on The Walkway to Fight Club, Marella confirmed the date that she’ll be starting her training with the Performance Center and says that Bianca Carelli will be a star.

“She’ll be starting I believe March 14 actually at the Performance Center. She’s a superstar, a complete package superstar in the making. She’s going to be a household name for the next several years anyway. You guys will get to enjoy her work. She’s quite talented.”

Marella also revealed the advice he gave to Bianca just before her signing with the company, saying that it’s important to be grateful for any opportunity given and to make the best of any situation.

“You’re not owed anything. Don’t take it for granted because there’s a beginning and an end to your career. Just be grateful every day that you’re someone that can travel and entertain for a living, and a good living. Don’t get caught up on winning and losing. As long as you’re on the show. Whatever you’re given. If you’re given lemons, you make lemonade. Whatever it is just knock it out of the park.”

The Milan Miracle is no stranger to grasping opportunities as he famously won the Intercontinental Championship in his WWE debut, and also had the World Heavyweight Championship in his sights at the 2012 Elimination Chamber. However, Santino Marella maintains that winning the company’s top prizes shouldn’t necessarily be the number one priority.

“Sometimes guys are so fixed on being World Heavyweight Champion or being used in a certain capacity. They focus on the discrepancy between where they want to be and where they feel they are as opposed to just being so grateful and thankful for where they are.”

Prior to signing with WWE, Bianca Carelli trained to be a professional wrestler at the Battle Arts academy owned by her father. She previously tried out for a chance to join the Performance Center in 2019 and also made her NWA debut at the promotion’s all-women’s event EmPowerrr.

Santino Marella recently revealed the origins of his infamous Cobra

After becoming the Milan Miracle and after becoming a WWE Tag Team Champion alongside Vladmir Kozlov, Santino Marella began using a move that became known as the Cobra. Marella went so far as to take a page out of Mick Foley’s book and don a sock baring a snake on it as he got ready to strike his opponents.

The former Intercontinental Champion recently explained the origins of the move, and like many good stories, it all began at a bar. Once Vince McMahon heard about the move, it became iconic in Santino Marella’s arsenal.