Santana Wants Fans To Focus On AEW All In Rather Than CM Punk & Jack Perry Drama


Santana wants everyone to keep AEW All In in perspective rather than the drama behind-the-scenes.

CM Punk and Jack Perry notoriously got into a physical altercation literally right before the first match started and despite the massive success of the event, that altercation has been the primary in the fallout from Wembley.

One name who doesn’t want such drama overshadowing the event itself is Santana. One half of Proud & Powerful is clearly sick of all the buzz being about the reported Gorilla position push-fest that commenced between Punk and Perry. Santana took to social media to implore everyone to pump the brakes on the incident between the two and put the praise over on the history-making event itself.

“Who gives a damn about who fought with who…Stop allowing that to drown out the fact that pro wrestling had one of the most amazing days EVER!”

Santana has kept his own backstage drama relatively under wraps as it took Konnan to reveal he and Ortiz had a falling out before Santana was out long-term with an injury. No word as to if the two actually resolved their differences but they are now back tagging with one another.

Santana Wants The Focus To Be On AEW All In

Santana was apart of the Stadium Stampede match that took place in the middle of the card. Both he and Ortiz turned heel right before All In, stabbing Eddie Kingston and his team of babyfaces in the back to align with Blackpool Combat Club. However, there were plenty of memorable matches that went down in front of a packed Wembley house. Despite the tussle beforehand, CM Punk and Samoa Joe kicked the event off in star-power fashion as Punk retained his “Real” AEW World Title in a hard-fought fight that had much of Wembley in Samoa Joe’s corner.