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Samoa Joe Gives Fresh Update On Current Role Within WWE

Samoa Joe

Former NXT Champion Samoa Joe has given an update on his current role within WWE after relinquishing the NXT Championship in September.

2021 has been a whirlwind of a year for Samoa Joe. The Samoan Submission Machine was released by WWE back in April after having not wrestled for the company since February 2020. During this period Joe appeared on commentary for Monday Night Raw.

However, Joe later revealed that Triple H spoke to him about returning to the company on the same day that he was let go. This led to him making a stunning return to NXT in June as General Manager William Regal’s enforcer. After becoming embroiled in a rivalry with then NXT Champion Karrion Kross, Joe announced his return to the ring to face Kross at NXT TakeOver: 36.

At the event Samoa Joe emerged victorious becoming NXT’s first ever three-time champion. This was to prove to be Joe’s only match in his most recent run as he was forced to vacate the championship due to injury without having chance to defend it.

Appearing on The Kurt Angle Show, available via AdFreeShows, Samoa Joe reflected on his main roster run and how he prefers not to dwell on disappointments.

“It’s tough for me to wrap my head around this line of questioning because I didn’t start this career trying to catalogue disappointments. I didn’t start this journey trying to tell myself man this didn’t work out or that didn’t work out. There’s a ton of things that were pretty grand ideas in my life that didn’t work out and none of them I would carry or harbour as regret.

It’s useless. It’s pointless. I mean, if you’re so focused on the past, you limit your ability to accomplish in the future, and I still got things in the future I’m looking forward to and I’m not trying to carry that baggage. So no, not at all, and once again, in the insanity of this industry, one never knows.”

During his stint on commentary Joe worked as an announcer on WrestleMania 37. Night one of which was memorably delayed to due a huge storm which engulfed Raymond James Stadium. Joe recalled watching the chaos unfold as everyone tried to make sure the show still went ahead.

“I remember it was pouring as much as I thought it would. Being a part-time Tampa resident here and understanding very much how the weather works, it’s the two o’clock shower. Everybody says it, around two o’clock comes runs through wrecks everything, and then dries out around six. I knew it was only gonna be a short time but let me tell you, it was coming down.

“That plastic over the top of the trust was looking rough. A lot of big bubbles started to form. We were just hoping that it wasn’t going to be a splash zone down there. I mean that is the fun of live television and — for us that had gone through it, it was a blast for me between takes, we’re just laughing at the situation because everybody’s scrambling, trying to keep the set dry.”

Joe went on to say that he was leaving his goals goals open, revealing he’s now focussing on finding WWE’s next big Superstar.

“I’m leaving my goals open because they change as the wind does but right now, I’m working extensively with the scouting department of WWE. Obviously, I’m very anxious to kind of get out there in the world and find the next great Superstar and that’s kind of been the focus of my efforts as of late. Yeah, that’s been kind of nice. You know, I think I have a pretty good eye for talent, so I’m definitely on the hunt.”

In Samoa Joe’s absence, Tommaso Ciampa claimed the NXT Championship on the first night of the relaunched show. It has recently been announced that Ciampa will defend his championship against Bron Breakker at Holloween Havoc.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.