Samoa Joe Teases Huge Championship Match At AEW All In

Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe doesn’t want to cause too much sorrow for a certain wrestler when AEW All In comes around.

AEW’s highly anticipated event in London is taking place on August 27 and yet to have a dance on the card is Samoa Joe, but did confirm he’ll be apart of the historic event. Speaking on the Battleground Podcast, Joe didn’t rule out the possibility of facing Great Britain’s own Zack Sabre Jr.

“But Zack, he’s home, right? Does he really want that to happen to him in his backyard? Mum can finally make it out for the matches and I smear you all over the canvas? Do you really wanna ruin Christmas?

“That’s all I’m really saying here because it’s gonna be awkward coming out of summertime and you can’t walk right.

“It’s just me, you know? If I’m thinking about the family events and how I wanna arrange this and I’m Zack, I’m like, ‘Eh, maybe not the best time to really go after Joe, so yeah, we’ll see.”

Samoa Joe On AEW All In: “Somebody’s Gonna Have A Bad Night”

Joe doesn’t want to ruin any family gatherings, but the current ROH Television Champion was made to wrestle and know somebody is just going to be another victim. If it does happen to be Sabre Jr. or another Brit wrestler, then he casually issued one final warning.

“I know I’m gonna be there and somebody’s gonna have a bad night but hopefully it’s not one of the local boys, you know? Because we all wanna have a pint afterwards.

“Call it kissing cousins and just walk away from it okay, right? No big deal. Everybody is friends and family.”

Zack Sabre Jr. hasn’t been a stranger in AEW as he’s competed on both renditions of Forbidden Door, but did lose in both efforts. Joe has to be steaming a bit following his Owen Hart Cup loss to CM Punk in the semi-finals and he’ll be eager to let off some steam this weekend at ROH Death Before Dishonor.