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Samoa Joe Calls Out “Ridiculous” Animosity Between WWE And AEW Fans

Samoa Joe makes his entrance

Samoa Joe has branded the tribalism between AEW and WWE fans “ridiculous,” imploring viewers to just watch what they enjoy.

For almost two decades, WWE reigned supreme and unchallenged over North American wrestling but that changed in 2019 with the arrival of AEW.

From that point forward, WWE had a noisy wrestling neighbour and a company determined to become real and genuine competition to the sports entertainment giant. This has sparked a rivalry between the two sides which has spilled over into their respective fanbases. This often manifests itself in heated confrontations on social media.

However, one man who has had enough of the tribalism is Samoa Joe. The current Ring of Honor World Television Champion, who has worked for both sides of the divide, branded the fan rivalry “ridiculous” on a recent episode of AEW unrestricted.

“I think the arguing between the AEW and the WWE fans is ridiculous. Watch pro wrestling, you don’t need to dunk on this, it’s you taking your ego and something you have nothing involved with and trying to start a conflict with something else. I mean, watch what you watch and enjoy what you want to enjoy.”

Continuing on, Joe said that far from being at war, both WWE and AEW are trying to accomplish the same goal.

“So I know you have this glorified view of what this sport is, you think we line up on each side and say ‘ahhhhhh.’ But the real war is us trying to entertain you people, not this ridiculousness between you all,”

After acclaimed runs with Ring of Honor and TNA/IMPACT Wrestling, Samoa Joe signed with WWE in 2015. He went on to become the first three-time NXT Champion in company history. However, after being released for a second time in January 2022, Joe signed with AEW in April 2022, making his debut at Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor.

Samoa Joe went on to win the ROH World Television Championship from Minoru Suzuki.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.