Samoa Joe Reflects On Renewing His Rivalry With CM Punk

Samoa Joe Reflects On Renewing His Rivalry With CM Punk

Samoa Joe recently spoke about his recent AEW Collision match against CM Punk and shared his thoughts on their rivalry throughout the years.

The bout took place on July 8 and was a semi-final match of the Owen Hart Cup Tournament, which Punk won. Joe was asked about his thoughts on facing Punk again decades after their rivalry first began, during a new interview with the Under The Ring podcast.

It’s really to be expected. I’ve found that throughout my career, the same cast of characters pop up. Punk is definitely in that realm of those cast of characters. To see us back in the ring against each other one more time, it’s no big surprise.

He was also asked about the differences between his most recent match and their first bout and he said the main difference was the higher experience level that both men now have since they first faced each other.

Just experience, a treasure trove of experience. When we first locked up, we were very new in the industry and still very much a journeyman learning. You never stop learning, but at the same time, we definitely knew a hell of a lot less back then.

Did CM Punk Win The Owen Hart Cup?

Despite beating Samoa Joe in the semi-final, CM Punk went on to lose in the final to Ricky Starks, who had beaten the likes of Juice Robinson and Powerhouse Hobbs on his route to the final. This recent victory makes Starks only the third person AEW history to beat Punk in a singles match, joining the ranks of MJF and Jon Moxley.

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