Samoa Joe Opens Up About His New Backstage Roles Within WWE

Samoa Joe

This past Sunday night at NXT TakeOver 36, Samoa Joe triumphed over Karrion Kross to become the black and gold brand’s first-ever three time champion. At a time when speculation is swirling regarding the brand focusing on younger talent.

While, for most Superstars aged over 40, Samoa Joe’s wealth of experience both inside WWE and out makes him a seemingly invaluable asset to a company looking to bring through the new batch of stars. In fact, Joe’s championship status actually barely scratches the surface of what he does in the company.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy, Samoa Joe confirmed that he is working as a mentor, producer and scout as well as being an in-ring performer.

“All of the above currently. Right now, as we speak, actively doing all those things that you just spoke of and will continue to do so into the future. It was funny, when Triple H touched on it, they asked, ‘What would you say Joe’s job description is?’ And the fact of the matter is, I do so much, it wouldn’t fit on a business card, and really, I’m happy to. It’s a lot of different hats, but it’s a lot of areas that I have experience in.”

Joe went on to say his remit has expanded drastically within WWE.

“It’s utilitarian in some aspects but, at the same time, that’s why I’m doing it, because they know they can put me into a spot where they need something done and done at least halfway decently and I’ll get the job done. So, yeah, it’s all those things. From mentoring people to training to sometimes maybe producing a segment to flying out to the wilds of wherever and finding our next superstar. My remit within the company has expanded drastically and, you know, for me, it’s a fun and new exciting challenge. I’m looking forward to it.”

You can watch Samoa Joe’s victory over Karrion Kross for the NXT Championship during NXT TakeOver 36 on-demand on the WWE Network right now.