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Samoa Joe On Main Roster – “There’s A New Crisis Every Week”

Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe has highlighted the differences between TNA and WWE saying that the sheer size of the WWE juggernaut brings issues.

Joe spent much of his career in TNA where he did battle with the likes of AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Kurt Angle, and Nick Aldis. He left the promotion in early 2015 before joining WWE as part of NXT in the spring of that year.

From there Samoa Joe has held the NXT Championship and graduated to the main roster of WWE where he won the United States Title twice. Since then Joe has worked on commentary and nearly left the company in the spring of 2021 before being recruited back to NXT by Triple H before its transformation into NXT 2.0.

Speaking to his old rival Kurt Angle on The Kurt Angle Show [available early and ad-free at AdFreeShows.com] Samoa Joe highlighted the differences between TNA and WWE but says both locker rooms were pleasures to be a part of:

“You know, TNA, obviously the locker room is awesome. Backstage at times could be chaotic. It was very easy going in a good way. Especially in TNA, a lot of people wanted to work together to help each other and help get each other over.”

“When you get to WWE, it’s just a whole different animal. TV production is so much bigger; different cities, location issues. I mean, there’s always a new crisis every week just based on the nature of having to take this giant circus every week to film it.”

“You know, you get used to working in an inherently chaotic environment just by the very nature of what it is. So, I will say this. I can’t say that I’ve been in a locker room in my entire career that hasn’t been stellar.”

h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription