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Samoa Joe Explains Why He Isn’t A Fan of The Forbidden Door

Samoa Joe

NXT Champion Samoa Joe has said he is not a fan of wrestling’s ‘forbidden door’ and says it has the potential to become a “convoluted mess.”

In recent months, wrestling has undergone a revolution as companies have begun to work together again on a level not seen for decades to provide fans with dream matches. IMPACT Wrestling, Ring Of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, AAA, NWA, and All Elite Wrestling have to some extent worked with each other, providing talent for each other’s shows.

Kenny Omega, Christian Cage, The Good Brothers, KENTA, Hikuleo, Jon Moxley, Matt Cardona, Chelsea Green, and Thunder Rosa are just a few of the names that have benefitted from companies seemingly putting differences aside and choosing to work together.

One company noticeable by their absence from that list is WWE. The biggest player in wrestling has worked with plenty of companies in the past including ECW and NJPW but for now, the behemoth is seemingly happy working by itself.

For Samoa Joe, he’s more than happy with that arrangement and sees more good than bad in opening wrestling’s ‘forbidden door’ as he explained to So Catch By Hal:

“I work for a company. If I played for a major football club, you wouldn’t lend me out on the weekend to go play for the rival team. Messi’s ain’t doing day shifts over at Manchester United. I understand some fans want for that and they want to see that, but at the same time, just with the whole politics of that type of situation, it wouldn’t be a good outcome anyways. Nobody wants to look bad in that situation, everyone’s getting pushed and pulled in a certain way and it becomes a convoluted mess.”

“If guys want to show and get down with Samoa Joe, get on my level, they come find me and let’s do this. I ain’t making house calls right now.”

Samoa Joe was originally let go from his WWE contract in April 2021, just days after calling WrestleMania 37 at the Raw announce table. He later revealed that Triple H had called him to offer him a place in NXT just hours after receiving his release from John Laurinaitis.

On his return to the black and gold brand, Joe briefly worked as General Manager William Regal’s enforcer before returning to in-ring competition and winning the NXT Title from the Raw-bound Karrion Kross.

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription