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Samoa Joe Discusses His WWE Release

Samoa Joe Triple H

Samoa Joe has discussed his second release from WWE and says he knew the “writing was on the wall” as the situation changed in the company for Triple H and William Regal.

Samoa Joe was initially released by WWE in April 2021 as part of ongoing budget cuts in the company. He later revealed he was actually rehired the same day by Triple H and rejoined the NXT brand where he had previously captured the NXT Championship.

Joe re-captured that title in the summer but was forced to relinquish the belt as WWE lurched from the black and gold era of their developmental brand to the new NXT 2.0.

In January 2022, Samoa Joe was released again by WWE, this time along with William Regal and other backstage NXT personnel. All of this took place against a backdrop of Triple H suffering serious health issues that forced him to undergo heart surgery in the autumn of 2021. The Game has since confirmed his health situation means he will never compete in the ring again.

Samoa Joe stunned the wrestling world when he made his debut for the Tony Khan-owned Ring Of Honor at the end of their Supercard show as he confronted Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt.

Speaking at the post-show media scrum, Joe says he initially went back to work with WWE because of his relationship with Triple and Regal but saw the writing on the wall as things changed:

“My going back to WWE was majorly because of the people I worked with and relationships I built in the company, mainly two people in Triple H and William Regal. As Triple H, dealing with his situation which I obviously knew about and was way more concerned about than my employment, Regal and his departure, I knew the writing was on the wall for me. Which is fine, we were a big collective team and a big collective think tank within the company and we went a different way.”

“As far as the release, it’s an up and down process for a lot of people, for me, it’s freed me up to pursue a lot of projects that I’ve wanted to work on. It freed me up to start talking with Tony and the future with what he wanted to do and I was very surprised that it matched up.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.