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Samoa Joe Hits Back At Criticism Of Satnam Singh’s AEW Debut

Satnam Singh and Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe has hit back at fan and industry criticism of Satnam Singh’s recent AEW Dynamite debut.

On the April 13th episode of AEW Dynamite, Samoa Joe won the Ring of Honor World Television Championship from Minoru Suzuki in a breathtakingly hard-hitting main event. However, the moment that got people talking, came after the match.

With Joe being taunted by Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal, the lights went out, and when they came on, Joe was face to face with former NBA star Satnam Singh.

Singh along with Lethal and Dutt then demolished the new champion to leave him laying as the show went off the air.

The segment was met with significant criticism online while the crowd in attendance watched on in confused silence. AEW President Tony Khan later admitted that the debut could have been handled better.

Speaking in a new interview with the New York Post, Joe also conceded that the debut wasn’t perfect, but added that there was no reason to dwell on it now that it’s been and gone.

“I think hemming and hawing over minor things like that are ridiculous,” he said. “I understand people have their opinions and feel a certain way about it, but I personally think it’s silly to sit here and continue to harp on it.”

During the conversation, Joe also commented on his recent involvement with Ring of Honor after it was re-launched by Tony Khan. The former NXT Champion said that the chance to play a role in the new ROH was something that appealed to him, expressing his desire to return the promotion to it’s former glory.

“I think it was a factor,” Joe said when asked about signing with Khan and AEW. “On my end, it piqued my interest if anything, and then in our initial discussion [Khan said] he was looking to revitalize things in a fashion and I want to be a part of that.”

“Ring of Honor has been a tremendous launching pad for so many superstars in the industry and one that is remembered fondly by most of those superstars,” he said. “Aside from the people involved, I think the industry as a whole would love to see it survive, to regain prominence and become as great as it has been in the past.”

Samoa Joe appeared in Ring of Honor from 2002 until 2008, engaging in a number of classic matches with the likes of CM Punk and Bryan Danielson. The former ROH World Champion was inducted into the newly created ROH Hall of Fame in January 2022.