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Samoa Joe Reveals How He Almost Missed ROH Supercard Of Honor Return

Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe has revealed that his shock appearance at Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor almost didn’t happen.

At Supercard of Honor in April 2022, Samoa Joe stepped back into a ROH ring for the first time in seven years.

The appearance represented something of a full-circle moment for the star who established himself as one of the best wrestlers on the planet during his first run with the company. However, the man himself has now revealed that the appearance almost didn’t happen.

Speaking on AEW Unrestricted, Joe explained that a mixture of weather and travel chaos almost put pay to his big return.

“Oh, absolutely, I know there was weather permitting jets to get to Tampa on time,” he said. “And a lot of mechanical issues on flights that went out. So, I had to end up driving to Cross City, Florida, a small little rural town in the middle of Florida to catch a private jet to get up to the show.

The best part was, as I arrived to the airport and I walked into this little office, this little man sitting behind the counter looked at me. I said, ‘hey man, I am here, I’ve got a jet coming in to pick me up,’ he said, ‘what time?’ I said, ‘I think seven o’clock,’ he said, ‘well, we close a six, man, I’ll see what I can do.’”

During the conversation, the former NXT Champion also broke down how his move to AEW came about after being released by WWE for a second time in January.

“It was a process, I was fortunate enough after my WWE release I was already kind of engaged in some outside projects that were really cool. But my agent, him and Tony kind of have a repartee, they have dealt with each other before. They got together and started brainstorming, going back and forth,” he said.

“Then me and Tony got in touch. Tony has always been right in contact with me, doing his best to get to me whenever the opportunity arose. A couple of discussions with Tony, a couple of discussions between them, and it all worked out nicely.”

Joe also touched on his relationship with AEW President Tony Khan. The Samoan Submission Machine revealed that he met Khan while he was still with WWE, adding that the pair have a lot in common.

“So, I actually met Tony prior to AEW and everything, just backstage at a WWE show just hanging out. He was just a cool, quirky guy. Man, he’s got a lot of ideas,” he said.

“I liken Tony to an overfilled balloon, all you have to do is just prick the skin, and then all the ideas, everything just comes flooding out in a mass. Really high energy dude, seemed cool, and our talks since then have always been very cool. We get along well, we have a lot of commonalities.”

Samoa Joe is currently competing in the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament where he is set to face a mystery opponent in the first round. Joe won his way into the tournament by defeating Max Caster.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.