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Sammy Guevara Crowned Undisputed TNT Champion

Sammy Guevara TNT Champion

Sammy Guevara has emerged victorious from a chaotic and violence filled ladder match to be crowned the undisputed TNT Champion.

While the match started with a handshake and an old-fashioned headlock, it didn’t take long for the contest to devolve into a wild brawl. The action spilled into the crowd before Guevara made the first attempt at retrieving the gold.

After all of the ground brawling it was only natural that the action soon took the skies, Rhodes hitting a death-defying delayed vertical suplex on his rival from the top of a ladder in the middle of the ring. With the three-time champion bleeding from the mouth he continued to lay in the punishment on the Spanish God but his momentum was suddenly brought to a shuddering halt.

With two ladders set in the ring and Rhodes right under the title belts, Guevara leapt from a ladder in the corner to hit a remarkable cutter on his rival sending both men to the canvas.

Not that the action was done there, Rhodes managed to rally and hit a Cross-Rhodes from a ladder, before both competitors ended up dangling from the belts unable to grab the gold. Back outside the ring, Guevara cheated death once more hitting a senton from the top of a ladder onto Rhodes perched on a bridged ladder below.

The end finally came with both men once again trading strikes under the belts, but it was Guevara who got the upper hand, hitting Rhodes with one of the belts knocking his rival to the floor, leaving him free to claim the win.

The rivalry between Rhodes and Guevara goes all of the way back to 2019 and the first match to ever take place on AEW Dynamite. While the two men went their separate ways over the following months and years, they eventually renewed hostilities on a special Christmas Night edition of Rampage in 2021. On the show, Rhodes pinned Guevara to claim the TNT Championship for a third time.

Despite a rematch being scheduled almost immediately, the future of the TNT Championship was thrown into disarray just 24-hours before the two stars met at Battle of the Belts. With Cody Rhodes unable to compete due to being in quarantine, Guevara defeated Dustin Rhodes to become Interim TNT Champion.

On the January 19th episode of Dynamite, the American Nightmare returned to television in fighting mood, cutting a promo on almost the entire wrestling industry. That included one Sammy Guevara. This set up the Ladder Match at Beach Break.