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Sammy Guevara – “The Pinnacle Put Me To Sleep”

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On May 5th the heated rivalry between The Pinnacle and The Inner Circle is set to come to a dramatic climax. With the two warring factions set to do battle in the first ever Blood and Guts Match.

Ahead of the highly anticipated clash, The Inner Circle’s Sammy Guevara has added even more fuel to the fire. Speaking to Fightful, the high-flyer said that The Pinnacle bore him and he’d much rather be facing Rey Fenix or Darby Allin.

When Sammy Guevara steps into the ring on Dynamite it will be his first competitive action in three months. Looking ahead to the match, Guevara admitted that the match is a big moment in his career.

“It’s definitely a huge match. It’s quite possibly one of the biggest (I’ve ever been in)There have been a lot of big moments in AEW, but I feel like this is another test for me. Everything has been a little test for me; first match on Dynamite, first Stadium Stampede, all this stuff. It’s a big moment for sure. Being off for months: It’s probably the longest I’ve been out of the ring since 2011. That was my first year. I was barely wrestling, once a month, if that, and trying to get booked anywhere I could. It’s crazy, now that I’m on national television that I’m out of the ring and making more money than I’ve ever made but wrestling the least I’ve ever wrestled.”

Later on in the conversation it was revealed that MJF had actually submitted a question! The leader of The Pinnacle asked “how does it feel to be the sixth best high flyer in AEW?” Sammy Guevara bristled at the question before firing back at his rival.

“How does it feel to just not be good at all, like, in general? You’re pretty good at one thing, which is kissing ass, and that’s probably why you’re promoted the way you are. Hats off to you. I personally couldn’t do that because I like to earn what I get. Hats off for taking the easy way. Imagine if we took out Max and put in Rey Fenix with the double rings. Imagine if we took out FTR and put in Jungle Boy or Darby. We put in guys who can go and do cool stuff. We take out Shawn Spears and put in Ricky Starks. Guys who can really go. It makes sense [The Pinnacle] are together because they all put me to sleep. It’s not fantastic, it’s unfortunate. it’s awful. I went into this year thinking I would go for titles. Darby has the belt, we can renew that rivalry. Instead, I’m stuck wrestling these boring guys,”

By contrast, Guevara reserved special praise for the man who brought the Inner Circle together, Chris Jericho. Following a heated confrontation between the two groups on the most recent episode of Dynamite, the talented Texan said that Jericho praised his part in the promo.

“My father figure, Le Sex God member. He’s been the man and trying to help me as much as he can, whenever he can. He was complimenting my promo this past Wednesday, saying I had come a long way. He would always make fun of the promos I would do on Dark because I was doing them after my match and I was blown up and tired. He’d be like, ‘Hey man, stop doing the heavy breathing before your promos.’ [After Wednesday] he was like, ‘You finally did one without heavy breathing.’ Because I didn’t wrestle, Chris. I can talk normally, I just don’t get the opportunity very often,”

Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Hager, Santana and Ortiz finally meet MJF, Shawn Spears, Wardlow, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler on May 5th at Blood and Guts.

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