Sammy Guevara Fires Back At Andrade El Idolo

Sammy Guevara

The drama continues in AEW with Sammy Guevara very publicly firing back at accusations made by Andrade El Idolo.

Andrade El Idolo and Sammy Guevara have only squared off three times in AEW. Two of those bouts were for the TNT Championship with another coming courtesy of a six-man tag team match in early 2022.

In an interview with Más Lucha Andrade El Idolo remarked that he had only had an issue with one wrestler in AEW since joining and named Guevara as that one:

“I did have one issue with a wrestler. I am going to say his name, it was Sammy Guevara. I had an issue with him because he once came to the locker room and complained that we hit him too hard. It’s wrestling, solve it in the ring. If I hit hard, hit me hard too. I learned that he came in and that he accused me like a little girl.”

“After I learned about it, I spoke to him and asked if he had an issue with me, but he said he did not and that’s all there was to it. ”

“It’s funny because not even in WWE. For example, Sheamus likes to hit, and all my respect for him because he loves to hit hard and loves the strikes. He is wild. Even The Miz likes to throw strikes. Not even John Cena complained about me, so if he did not complain, imagine this kid who is just starting, but there’s that.”

Andrade El Idolo followed up on social media with a pointed message to Sammy Guevara to which The Spanish God has now responded. Alluding to the rumours surrounding El Idolo’s future, Guevara took no prisoners as he wrote:

“YOU didnt say sh*t to me you liar but heres some truth you ungrateful prick You would be jobless if it wasn’t for your dad in law. Are you really mad at me or mad at yourself for failing to get over for a SECOND time. Just go back to Wwe like we all know you want to do & f*ck off”